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Global Postural Rieducation (RPG)

RPG is a unique, special and e different manual therapy from treatments normal physiotherapy. RPG is a technique physiotherapy spread throughout the world, created from a well-known physiotherapist, he is a Professor Philippe Souchard that we owe to the creation of the RPG method (global postural re-education), e born after in-depth studies based on the theories of the eminent physiotherapist Françoise Mézières.

It is a physiotherapeutic intervention based on an individual and global manual treatment, which analyzes the analysis of the symptoms and causes of a lesion with the aim of eliminating both, including any possibility of relapse.

The premise is that the structure of the human body is influenced by chains of neuromuscular coordination, which in order to function as should, must be maintained or returned to a balanced situation. One of the cornerstones of RPG is the postural assessment, preparatory and necessary for treatment. The latter, through the corrections of the compensations made by the patient to avoid pain, enables the identification of the cause which will then be treated through an individual and personalized therapy, which avoids any recurrence.

Global Postural Reeducation (RPG)

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Global Postural Reeducation (RPG)

Global Postural Rieducation (RPG) at Fisiocenter Tirana

During the postures used by RPG, articular corrections are made respecting the extension of the musculoskeletal chains of neuromuscular coordination. These positions are related to breathing, which is essential for maintaining the corrections to be adopted. Treatment requires the active participation of the patient so that the CNS can receive continuous input from the musculoskeletal system. In this way the CNS will register a new and correct posture adopted by the patient, avoiding any repetition.


●Disc herniation,
●Back pain,
● Neuralgia but also rheumatic pain,
● Localized pain,
●Difficulty in movement,
●Blood circulation disorders,
● Post-traumatic problems,
●Postural changes and digestive disorders.

The Souchard method turns out to be effective both for the treatment of all these pathologies and also for improving the attitude in general.

With the help of RPG it is possible to fight a sedentary lifestyle and bad motor habits, trauma and excessive effort, forced positions for a long time (those who work in the office, forced to sit for hours before the desk knows well), but also anxieties and worries, often responsible for abnormal muscle tensions that can affect the posture, making it unbalanced.

How many sessions are needed?

It depends on the degree of imbalance and symptoms as well as the age of the patient. However, it is certain – and well-established experimentation confirms it – that, after the first three/four therapies, the patient achieves a clear improvement.

The goals of the treatment are:

● reduction or resolution of symptoms
●decompression of the intervertebral spaces
● improving the overall flexibility of
joints and muscles
● awareness of the body and its movements
●more effective breathing
●improvement of visceral function.

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