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Learn about Facial Paralysis, causes, and treatments. FisioCenter Tirana provides the best information to make you understand the reason behind your Facial Paralysis and get professional help. 

Facial paralysis has to do with your nerves, at which point they get damaged, and you lose your motion on your face as they become weak.  This is a field, in which you will find yourself completely in the hands of the only certified and licensed sports clinic, FisioCenter to come out completely treated. 

Our outstanding staff, with the help of the best and only graduated physiotherapist, Andrea Settembrini, is ready and qualified to find the solution of your problem and release you from every suffering you might have. Dr. Andrea is specialized in OSCE (Osteopathic Spine Center Education) for Osteopathy (5 years) in Bologna and is also certified in Sciences and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Motor Activities at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” which means he is prepared to help you with everything you will need while you are under his care. 

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Treatment types of Facial Paralysis.

Facial paralysis is a disorder which can be treated both ways, with or without surgery. The treatments with surgery are: 

  1. Selective neurolysis – This includes cutting the muscles and nerves that are defective with the result of them not being a problem to cause facial paralysis.
  2. Facial reanimation surgery – This treatment can bring back the ability to smile with no problem, even when a nerve can cause you facial paralysis. 
  3. Facial surgeries – There are several procedures to help you win back your stability, such as: face lifts, brow lifts, eyelid surgery, etc.

Treatments without surgery: 

  1. Dermatologic fillers – Your specialist will recommend you this treatment to put back the volume you lost from muscles and to help you gain your balance back.
  2. Chemo denervation – This is the injection of botulinum toxin done in your nerves that command your facial muscles.

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Andrea Settembrini

Licensed in Physiotherapy, specialized in OSCE (Osteopathic spine center education) for Osteopathy (5 years) in Bologna and certified in Movement Sciences in Rome, Italy.

Important Information and questions

This is an illness which tends to make your face droop. What happens is that you have an inflammation and swelling of your nerves that control your face’s muscles. It usually is temporary and lasts around six months, getting better over the weeks, although some people might have symptoms for the rest of their lives. This disorder can affect either one or both sides of your face and it does not allow you to use any facial expressions.  It does not have a certain time to happen, it just happens unexpectedly or starts to show symptoms as months pass.

Facial paralysis has numerous causes of why it might happen. It is mostly connected with viral infection and there are several viruses that are associated with facial paralysis. Beneath you will find some causes of facial paralysis. 

  1. Bell’s palsy.

Bell’s palsy is the most ordinary form of facial paralysis with many occasions per year. Until now, no one knows the exact reasons for why this disorder happens, however we do know that it disappears after six months pass for most patients. Bell’s palsy results in inflammation of the facial nerves, leading to partial facial paralysis. 

  1. Stroke. 

One other common disorder of facial paralysis is stroke. This happens when there is dysfunction with the muscles in the brain. The brain gets damaged when you either have lack of oxygen or there is pressure on the brain cells due to bleeding. In whichever situation, your brain cells get killed after some minutes. 

  1. Neurosarcoidosis. 

This disorder is the inflammatory situation that happens when our immune system has an uncontrolled response, which is called sarcoidosis. This firstly affects the lungs, while neurosarcoidosis leads to inflammation in the brain or nerves. Its symptoms do not appear immediately, they appear with no notice, unexpectedly. 

  1. Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is the disease in which insects leave bacteria inside people by only biting them. When you catch lyme, you have to detect the stage of infection you are, depending on the symptoms you have. When you have this disease you normally get antibiotics to fight it.

The paralysis of the face has several symptoms, which can at some point, make it obvious for you that something is wrong. Some of them will be listed below. If you experience any of them, you should call your doctor.

  • Confusion.
  • Dizziness.
  • Seizure.
  • Pain in or behind the ear.
  • Struggling eating or speaking.
  • Facial paralysis on one side.
  • Loss of coordination.
  • Your legs and arms get weaker on one side of your body.
  • Reduced tearing.

The paralysis of Bell’s palsy is non-permanent. Usually, this disorder tends to get better within two weeks and it is fully recovered after 3 months. People get their full movement and function of their face, if they do not it normally means that they have abnormal facial function, but that is not an untreatable disorder, there are several ways to treat it. 

If your facial paralysis has not fully recovered, do not worry. There are many options to treat it if you are finally able to fully recognize the exact disorder you have. After that, your specialist will have the knowledge to suggest which options are the most effective to your body and can help you minimize, ‘till fully recover, your facial paralysis

Yes, you can speak although with many difficulties. Having facial paralysis makes it harder and unclear when you try to speak, but it does not take away your ability to speak. Your lips become weak as well as your muscles in your cheek, only they can also be diminished or lost.  

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