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Osteopathy has different kinds of techniques. Some of them might be a mystery to the patients. Many clients understand only the massage and stretching techniques, because they do not know that there are more exquisite techniques which can be puzzling. Some of the osteopathy techniques are very faint and in this case the patient does not feel anything that is happening through the procedure. 

One of the osteopathy techniques is called “Functional Technique” and is developed from the American osteopath named Dr. Harold Hoover, around the 1940’s. His approach was to make an effort and systemize the methods that osteopaths had been practicing for some period of time as well as to make a try and get some kind of explanation for what the osteopaths were doing and for what reason it was working and had a good effect. This technique mixed up some slow and small controlled movements.

Dr. Hoover has as a main disquiet how the joints respond to the movement phase. With other words he was more interested in the quality of the movements rather than how far a joint could move. In due course, this was named the ease and bind of a joint. To give an example, you sometimes get up in the morning and can move well and smoothly, while some other days you might get up and feel stiff and sore. In both cases, you have the same movement but the quality of your movement is different. In this case, the quality might be stiff or easy.

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Every once in a while, later osteopaths lend a helping hand in the development of this model by linking the knowledge of the medical fields as well as the cybernetics and biological systems theory to the body movement. Joints in the body as well as their related segments were considered to be mobile segments within an energetic system, the system being the body. 

Straightforwardly placed, this theory declares that all the different kinds of movements in the body are managed by higher centers in the brain and the spinal column which, with its turn, depend on the feedback from the joints in order to inform the brain in what way they are moving. Immediately after the joint performs in a bad way then the feedback to the brain is altered, and it seems as if the brain has a blind spot where it cannot “see” what is going on with the situation at the joint. 

At a case in point, one vertebral area might be “out of step” with an additional one which is located in the back and binds up as well as causes pain each time that a person bent forward. In this case, a vertebra is not “out of space” or even “reduced in range of movement”, but it just does not function as it should. As soon as the functional technique is applied then the normal feedback mechanisms are restored to the brain and then the brain starts bringing the segment back in line with normal movements and hence improving movements and easing the pain that you were experiencing.

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Andrea Settembrini

Licensed in Physiotherapy, specialized in OSCE (Osteopathic spine center education) for Osteopathy (5 years) in Bologna and certified in Movement Sciences in Rome, Italy.

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