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FisioCenter is a physiotherapy clinic located in Tirana and it is headed by Dr. Andrea Settembrini who is licensed in Physiotherapy and is specialized in OSCE – Osteopathic Spine Center Education in Bologna. He is also the only physiotherapist certified from the Sciences and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Motor Activities at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and who performs in Albania. He also has a license in sports and that makes him a very well-organized physiotherapist, with a wide knowledge of the field he processes.

Our clinic provides physiotherapy for posture correction. The program that our clinic implements aims to eliminate the patient’s symptoms, as well as it relieves him or her from any musculoskeletal pain while at the same time it improves his or her functionality.

We follow a detailed examination, in order to diagnose the causes of your current symptoms. Our basic ethic is the provision of personalized rehabilitation programs with a strictly anthropocentric approaching. 

Our clinic applies interventional techniques and special therapies of modern technology for the restoration of damage and injury of muscle groups, tendons and degenerative diseases.

We have adapted all our treatments, in a way that they individually serve the therapeutic needs of each of our patients. 

Our Treatments

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What is Posture Treatment Physiotherapy?

The therapeutic exercise, aims to activate the brain control in every one of the body movements and postures. The position of each part of the body in relation to the rest, determines the posture of the body.

According to the activities that a person follows, the standstill is constantly changing. When we refer to a proper posture, we mean that the joints are held in a position that the surcharge they receive is at a minimal level. On the other hand, a wrong position can cause a great burden, and increase the possibility of an injury. This can happen not only in a specific area, but also in other and in a little above or a little below position of it.

The posture physiotherapy is a kind of physiotherapy which consists of advice about your posture as well as exercises to help you improve your posture. Different kinds of techniques and physical exercises will help you achieve the right posture for your body.

Our Clinical Cases

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Andrea Settembrini

Licensed in Physiotherapy, specialized in OSCE (Osteopathic spine center education) for Osteopathy (5 years) in Bologna and certified in Movement Sciences in Rome, Italy.

Important Information and questions

Generally, the causes that can lead to a posture disorder, either alone or in combination are:

  • Bad standstill in a repeated way at work, for example – incorrect use of computer.
  • Wrong posture during rest, for example – wrong sleeping postures.
  • Psychological or emotional problems, such as depression.
  • Vision problems.
  • Obesity.
  • Unsuitable shoes – gait disorder.
  • Weak muscular system – gait disturbance.
  • Bad nutrition.
  • Respiratory problems.
  • Injury to muscles, tendons, ligaments or bones.
  • Scoliosis , kyphosis e lordosis.
  • An injury.
  • An illness.
  • Genetics.

How can physiotherapy help you recover from poor posture?

In case that the pain you feel is acute, then the physiotherapist will help identify the injured tissue (for example: bones, muscles, tendons) and thus separate and personalize the treatment you need, in order to help both the healing and the reduction of stress in the injured area.

You can follow many different kinds of physiotherapy exercises, which can be used to improve your poor posture. There are such exercises as, arching over a foam roller, hip flexor stretching, the cat cow, the door frame stretch, the forearm stretch, neck stretching and shoulder blade squeezing.

Your physiotherapist will provide you with the right guidance, so that the patient will be able to return safely to his usual, daily activities and lifestyle, without further injuring the already stressed tissue. After all, physiotherapists are the movement specialists.

Poor posture symptoms.

The symptoms that can occur in any patient with bad posture can be very well tolerated and mild to unbearable. They last from a few days till some months. The primary symptom is pain. The development of the pain is the main reason for the patient to seek treatment. Other, more common symptoms are: 

  • Rounded shoulders.
  • Potbelly.
  • Bent knees when standing or walking.
  • Head that either leans forward or backward.
  • Back pain.
  • Body aches and pains.
  • Muscle fatigue.
  • Headache.
  • Dyskinesia.
  • Pain in the back area.
  • The cervical syndrome.

How can we help?

The physiotherapy program that we provide aims at functionality free of pain symptoms. We consider the patient’s body as a single whole with psycho-physical dimension, where its form expresses its functionality. 

If you need a postural rehabilitation and a quick recovery program from any postural injuries, FisioCenter comes up with the best solutions with personalized programs for your specific needs.

The whole application of natural methods, therapeutic techniques, in combination with the modern equipment, that we choose in the various treatments – depends on the type of injury and is strictly individualized. 

The process planning and the completing treatment program that our clinic follows, includes:

  • Evaluation – Diagnosis, from the physiatrists of our clinic.
  • Rehabilitation Program – Physiotherapy, which is adapted to the condition.
  • Scheduled number of visits and appointments, depending on the level of the disease.
  • Reassessment.

You can find us at Brigada VIII street, 1001, Tirana, Albania. If you need further information and learn more about cervical spine pain treatment, to have your neck pain diagnosed, or simply to talk with a member of our staff for additional information, please schedule an appointment with one of our experienced physical therapists, call  069 400 30 10 or email at

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